An osteotomy refers to a surgical procedure in which the bone is cut and reshaped. Dr Marais may recommend a tibial tubercle osteotomy in cases where re-alignment of the patella is necessary. The procedure works by relieving pressure on the affected side of the patella and thereby decreasing pain.

During the procedure, the tibial tubercle bone is moved, and the patella is realigned into the groove of the femur. This helps to relieve some of the symptoms of instability caused by arthritis.

Dr Marais will perform the procedure as a combination doing arthroscopic and an open procedure. The tibial tubercle will be done as an open procedure. During the procedure, Dr Marais will insert an arthroscope into your joint through a small incision in the skin. The instrument has a tiny camera attached to it, and images of the joints are transmitted to a monitor. Dr Marais will look at these images as he works with tiny surgical tools to repair the injury.

During a tibial tubercle osteotomy, Dr Marais will make an incision in the front of the knee, and the tibial tubercle bone is carefully repositioned and held in place with special surgical screws. These screws allow the bone to heal in their new position. This procedure will be combined with a bone graft in order to position the tibial tubercle bone in a proper position in its correct position.

After the surgery, Dr Marais will advise you on the best rehabilitation plan, which may include physical therapy, and some lifestyle changes.


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