The function of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments is to provide stability to the knee joint. In cases where the anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments are torn, Dr Marais is able to perform surgical reconstruction. During the procedure, pieces of the torn ligament are removed, and replaced with tissue from another area of the body.

Torn ligaments are among the most common type of knee injury, and can occur relatively easily during physical activities like sports. Dr Marais may recommend anterior or posterior ligament repair surgery in cases where patients are suffering from knee joint instability. The surgery is effective in helping to regain stability and proper movement in the knees.

Before recommending surgery, Dr Marais will perform a thorough physical examination of the knee in order to be sure that the procedure is the best treatment option. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, and a tissue graft is surgically removed from the body of the patient. This tissue graft is used to reconstruct the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament. The tissue graft is removed by making a small incision over the area where the graft is removed. The rest of the procedure is performed arthroscopically which is a much less invasive technique than traditional open surgery, and typically allows for a quicker recovery time and less pain post-surgery.

Dr Marais will insert small arthroscopic tools through two to three one centimetre incisions around the knee joint. This is done to remove the torn ligaments and to clean up the knee from any other damage. He will create holes the size of the graft that was harvested from the patient’s body in the tibia and femur. This is done specifically in the attachment site of the ligaments both on the femoral and tibial side. The new ligament is grafted into the bone. Dr Marais will likely place a brace on the leg in order to stabilise the knee.

After the surgery, Dr Marais will advise you on the best rehabilitation plan, which may include physical therapy, and some lifestyle changes.


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