Knee arthroscopy refers to a non-invasive procedure in which Dr Marais is able to view the surface of the joints with the use of a special instrument known as an arthroscope. Knee arthroscopy may be performed in order to diagnose problems with the joints, as well as to perform surgery or monitor disease.

During the procedure, Dr Marais will insert an arthroscope into your joint through a small incision in the skin. The instrument has a tiny camera attached to it, and images of the joints are transmitted to a monitor. Dr Marais will look at these images as he works with tiny surgical tools to repair the injury. Knee arthroscopy is a much less invasive technique than traditional open surgery, and typically allows for a quicker recovery time and less pain post-surgery.

Knee arthroscopy may be recommended if you are struggling with a knee injury or condition that requires repair. The procedure can be performed for one of the following injuries:

Torn ligaments

Torn knee ligaments occur at the cruciate and/or collateral ligaments. This type of injury is generally very painful, and may require arthroscopic surgery.

Dislocated patella

A dislocated patella occurs when the patella is moved out of its normal position by force. This often causes damage to soft tissues such as ligaments and muscles as well as joint cartilage.


Fractures of the bones around the knee joint can be very painful. Some common symptoms include swelling and bruising. In some cases, surgery is required to repair a knee fracture.

Meniscus tears

A torn meniscus may be repaired using an arthroscope and small arthroscopic tools. If the meniscus is not suitable for repair, only the unstable portion of the meniscus will be removed, leaving as much of the viable meniscus as possible intact.

Degenerative conditions

Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis can be treated with medication, or procedures such as arthroscopic debridement and partial meniscectomies, but in severe cases, Dr Marais may recommend a total knee replacement.


We provide an orthopaedic service dedicated exclusively to the problems of the knee. This covers the whole spectrum of knee problems ranging from paediatric to geriatric knee problems. Our practice will take a personal approach to your problem if you have specific needs in mind.


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