Synovectomy is a surgical procedure in which the inflammatory tissue lining the joints is removed. Dr Marais may recommend the procedure for patients suffering from chronic inflammation caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Synovectomy is a surgical procedure which the inflamed tissue lining the joint is removed. When the damaged, inflamed tissue (known as synovium) is removed, painful symptoms and swelling are relieved, and range of motion is typically improved quite considerably.

If Dr Marais recommends synovectomy, he will perform the procedure arthroscopically, which is a much less invasive technique than traditional open surgery, and typically allows for a quicker recovery time and less pain post-surgery.

He will make a tiny incision in the skin, through which he will insert small surgical tools. He will then remove any damaged damaged connective tissue.

After the surgery, Dr Marais will advise you on the best rehabilitation plan, which may include physical therapy, and some lifestyle changes.


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